Parents in Action, Inc, is dedicated to providing the highest quality Behavior Assistant Services to families with living with Autism and developmental disabilities. We understand each family has its own dynamic and needs. In order for us to help provide the best service for your family, please fill out the online form to request services. Someone will be contact you soon to arrange a time to meet with you and do an intake evaluation.  We are providing Behavior Assistant services, Respite, In Home Supports, and Advocacy assistance. We will also be offering CPR training for friends and families.
family father and child son hands nature outdoorWe are looking forward to adding services such as:

  • Wrap around day care services to assist families who need to work to support their families
  • Social groups that will help in the development of social skills, build friendships with peers, (and give parents a break to do errands or have a dinner date!)
  • Additional respite services to allow families to do basis things like grocery shop, attend dr appts, iep meetings, funerals or weddings.

Please check back as this will be posted as soon as these services are available.

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